Golf Performance


Golf Physical Screen

 Have trouble making a full backswing?  Losing distance off the tee? Too sore and tired to play multiple days in  a row? Have you been to a lot of lessons and still can't seem to "get  it?" Limitations in your golf swing/game are often due to physical  limitations. No golf lesson in the world will help you achieve a full  backswing if you lack the physical flexibility to perform it. The Golf  Physical Performance Screen evaluates your strength, flexibility,  balance, power, & coordination necessary for the golf swing. This  assessment helps determine whether inefficiencies or limitations in your  golf swing are due to physical limitations. 

Golf Swing 3D Motion Analysis

 3D motion analysis determines your golf  swing efficiency- how well you transfer energy from your body to the  club head. Since each golfer's swing is different, 3D analysis  determines how well your swing works for you. Buckeye Performance Golf's  3D technology provides real-time feedback on your swing efficiency.

Buckeye  Performance Golf uses K-Vest technology to determine your swing  efficiency and tells you exactly what your body is doing throughout your swing. K-Vest also provides biofeedback training- train the proper  movements for your swing and receive audible feedback when you are in  the correct position. No more guessing if you're swinging how you're supposed to! 

Individual Golf Fitness Training

One-on-one golf training is the best way to meet your golf and fitness  goals. Training will be based on your physical assessment, and will be  consistently updated to challenge you as well as allow for recovery.  Proper warmup, cool-down, nutrition/hydration, and a home program will  all be included during the course of your golf fitness training. 

Team Evaluations & Training

Do you work with a golf team? Lindsay will evaluate each golfer  individually and create custom workouts for each golfer and the entire  team. Don't rely on football coaches for your golf conditioning and  performance! Train like the PGA/LPGA pros to maximize your game on and off the course! 

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