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Junior Training

Junior athletes have different training needs than adult athletes. As their bodies are growing, there are time frames where it's important to train for speed, windows where strength should be emphasized, and periods where the junior athlete is primed to learn new motor skills. 

Buckeye Performance Golf has extensive experience in training the youth athlete and understands the physical needs of the growing junior. Lindsay's work with Muirfield Village Golf Club's junior program earned them the 2012 Golf Digest Junior Program of the year. She has worked with juniors as young as pre-school and through collegiate, including The Ohio State University golf teams.

At Buckeye Performance Golf, we emphasize fundamental athletic movement, speed, agility, and proper form, progressing to heavier weights and loads as appropriate for that junior's maturation. Most importantly, we emphasize FUN. We offer a fun, supportive, and encouraging environment to help the junior golfer thrive in their athletic pursuits.

Elite Junior Academy

Using a Tour-proven team  formula, The Golf Room Junior Champions Academy provides a comprehensive  and structured program for golf instruction, physical performance training, mental preparation, and game management. The Junior Champions Academy brings together the best coaches in these areas under one roof,  collaborating and customizing each player’s program to meet the unique needs of your junior golfer. Our coaches are committed to the long-term  athletic development of your junior golfer, focusing on the skills and  characteristics needed for success in high school, college, and beyond rather than quick temporary fixes. 

During this 6 month winter program, your junior will receive 12 hours a week of golf swing instruction, physical training, mental performance training, as well as competition and camaraderie with like-minded junior golfers in central Ohio. Our Junior Champions have earned scholarships to play Divisions 1 and 2 golf, won many junior tournaments, won State Championships, have maintained or improved their academics, and have made close golf friends as part of our junior academy.

Junior Golf Training

We offer both individual one-on-one as well as group training for junior golfers. Contact Buckeye Performance Golf for more information on our junior programs and group workouts.

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